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Quick Guide to Low-Sodium Options at Chipotle

Chipotle is a salt bomb, but they do offer some low-sodium and moderately-low sodium options. Check out the blog to help you stay below your daily sodium goals when you dine there.

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On numerous occasions, mainly when I’m out on day-long errands, I find myself grabbing something fresh, fast, and delicious. So…Chipotle!

In regards to heart health, Chipotle is great for meeting your daily fiber goals, but it’s not friendly when it comes to sodium. That’s right. Chipotle is a salt bomb, which is a general problem whenever we go out to eat.

With an insane amount of restaurants, fast food, and food delivery services at our fingertips, it’s easy to dine out frequently. Sodium tends to be high, too, which can lead to high blood pressure. Managing your sodium intake can help you lower and maintain your blood pressure.

Chipotle ranked #12 in the QSR 2019 Top 50 fast-food restaurants and made $4.8 million in sales in 2018.[1] It’s no secret. There’s a lot of us who eat there. And if you go there often, it wouldn’t hurt to check out how much sodium you might be eating.

Does Chipotle even offer low-sodium items? Well, I have good news for you. I dug through their menu and found a few low-sodium options. Here’s the list:

List of Low-Sodium Items at Chipotle

Okay, I’m trying to be funny, but it’s not too far from the truth.

Low-Sodium and Moderately-Low Sodium Options

To be low-sodium, one serving needs to be less than 140 mg of sodium.[2] Chipotle has only 4 items (excluding drinks) that qualify:

ItemSodium (mg)
Romaine Lettuce0
Crispy Taco Shells0
Salad Greens15
Sour Cream30
Low-Sodium Options at Chipotle

So not many low-sodium options. BUT…

If I add items moderately low in sodium, targeted between 140 to 400 mg, more options open up:

ItemsSodium (mg)
Fajita vegetables150
Cilantro-lime brown rice190
Black beans210
Pinto beans210
Queso Blanco250
Tomatillo green-chili salsa260
Roasted chili-corn salsa330
Cilantro-lime white rice350
Tortilla chips (regular size)390
Moderately-Low Sodium Options at Chipotle

Here’s a graphic showing the top 12 lowest sodium items at Chipotle, along with its sodium content.

BONUS: Any topping or ingredient with a white-outlined heart indicates a heart-healthy item, meaning it’s low in saturated fat and also provides some fiber.

Chipotle Low-Sodium Moderate-Sodium Options

The Catch

While it’s nice to see some low- and moderately-low sodium options at Chipotle, there’s a catch. Since these are individual items, the more ingredients you add to your burrito, burrito bowl, salad, or tacos, the more the sodium increases.

Sodium Recommendations

The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend no more than 2,300mg of sodium per day.[3] Unless you have hypertension, then the recommendation is less than 1,500mg per day.[4]

As you plan your sodium intake, remember that the Chipotle meal reflects one meal. Consider the sodium content coming from the rest of your meals and snacks for the day.

TIP: If your meal is a bit large and filling, consider eating half and saving the other half as a leftover. It can be a strategy for portioning your sodium for the day.

If you’re looking to track your sodium intake, build your meal virtually using Chipotle’s online nutrition calculator:

Are you surprised by any of the information? Are there items you thought would have been low enough in sodium to make the list? Let me know in the comments!

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