Let's fight heart disease, one recipe at a time.

Heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States, yet you don’t hear about it enough. Yes, there’s the American Heart Month every February. But if heart disease is killing an American every 37 seconds, shouldn’t heart health be in the forefront of our minds ALL the time?

Our society focuses on losing weight to fit specific beauty standards, which leads to restrictive diets that move away from the basics. I can’t blame them though, sticking to the basics is NOT sexy. Preaching more fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains is too dull for the headlines.

So I want to help.

Since heart disease kills 25% of our population yearly, you should really be focusing on preventative care to lower its mortality rate. Or if you are trying to improve your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, know that nutrition can help.

My heart-healthy recipes will go back to the basics:

  • Sodium and saturated fat reduction with less processed food
  • Potassium and fiber increase with fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains
  • Hearty-healthy fats inclusion with nuts, seeds, and oils.

Along the way, you can nerd out on nutrition topics related to heart health in the blogs, and I’ll even dig deep on how to spot heart-healthy ingredients at the grocery store.

Hearty Palate is perfect for you if:

  • You or someone you care for have high blood pressure or high LDL, total cholesterol, and/or triglycerides
  • You started learning about heart disease and want to live a preventative lifestyle to protect you from the disease

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Hearty Palate is NOT for you if you follow a restrictive diet such as vegan, vegetarian, keto, gluten-free, etc. While some of my recipes may fit some of these diets, it is not a purposeful intention when I develop them. Of course, swapping particular proteins for alternative plant-based protein and opting for gluten-free carbs will work!

The Face Behind Hearty Palate

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I’m a home cook focused on writing blogs about heart health and transforming recipes into its heart-healthy form. I find ways to keep the flavor while reducing saturated fat, sodium, and added sugar, and increasing fiber, potassium, and heart-healthy fats.

If you’re wondering, “What makes this gal credible?” I happen to be a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist! Meaning the information I write about is based on science and evidence. As for recipes and cooking, I hold a Certificate in Training in Culinary Nutrition, an area of study where cooking has a significant focus on health and nutrition.

I have a few close family members with high blood pressure and cholesterol, so heart health has always been of great interest to me. With my background in nutrition, making heart-healthy recipes became a natural transition when I created Hearty Palate.

I’m a Vietnamese-American, born and raised in Texas, but currently calling California home. I’ve embraced the ingredients and flavors from Asian, Tex-Mex, and California cuisines, so you will definitely experience those influences in my recipes.